Léa Morgane/Happiest When I’m with You

Happiest When I’m with You

Lea Morgane - Happiest When I'm with You (Official Video)


1. Happiest When I’m with You

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À propos de l'album

Happiest when I’m with you – Single// Léa Morgane

Artiste : Léa Morgane
Label: Production quarantaine
Date de sortie : 14-12-2023
Genre : Pop
Personne : Léa Morgane

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Happiest When I’m with You

The raindrops on my window
Make de sound off
You wisperin so slow

Words can't describe it (oh no)
The way you fill the room
Just like a crackling vynil
Your voice is silky smooth
Making a good impression
No one does it like you
Lets have a conversation
It only take's us too

Cause I
I'm at my happiest when I'm with you


Beautiful song 🧡🧡

Houssain Azzouz

Bravo pour ta chanson!!💞

G Dumais

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